Last Night at the 40 Watt…

From Chris Hartstonge as posted to the R.E.M. Fans United group on Facebook. The occasion was the current tour featuring Michael Shannon and Jason Narducy performing Murmur in its entirety.

Photo by Cash Melville

“Yes all 4 were at the 40 Watt - Mike & Peter got up & joined on various songs (Bill joined on Perfect Circle) & near the end all 4 including Michael got on stage to be thanked by the band. And again at the end of the show all 4 were onstage to again thank the band members.

For the record:
Peter joined on guitar on ‘Perfect Circle’, ‘So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)’, ‘Letter Never Sent’ & ‘(Don’t Go Back To) Rockville’, Mike on backing vocals on ‘Pretty Persuasion’, ‘So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)’, ‘Letter Never Sent’, ‘Second Guessing’, ‘(Don’t Go Back To) Rockville’ & ‘These Days’ & Bill on keyboards on ‘Perfect Circle’. Michael didn’t join on any songs.”


Wow. Awesome.


How wonderful is that!

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Very good, hopefully this will show up on youtube.

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All the posts, stories, photos, etc. about this have made me smile a lot today.


I haven’t seen anything other than this thread, so please share anything if you can!

Some videos have appeared on youtube. Athens GA Live Music channel.

And this short snippet from


Thanks Lori. This morning I’m suddenly seeing photos and video clips everywhere! Looks/sounds amazing.

I missed this Michael Shannon and Jason Narducy show at 40 Watt Club on Thursday night.


I did drive to Athens last night to see Pylon Reenactment Society play their album release show at Hendershot’s.

Pylon Reenactment Society played their new debut album, which I love dearly, in its entirety, and then played five Pylon songs. (“Driving School”, “Crazy”, “Feast on My Heart”, “Cool”, and “M Train.)”

I am so, so glad that I got to see Pylon Reenactment Society in a small Athens dive. I saw Pylon a few times back in their day, but this was iconic in its own right.


So, funny story, I was there on Thursday and the second video that’s embedded was stolen from my account:

A little bummed that GPD is getting views off my video but what can you do?

I’m going to edit more of my clips from the night into one longer video but until then, here’s a link to my insta with my photos from the night:


I didn’t know who orignally uploaded the second video. I have since edited my previous post. Thank you for sharing.

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It’s all good. Thanks for the edit/credit, appreciate that!

EDIT: I’ve cut together most of my clips from the night into this seven minute video. Includes snippets from “Radio Free Europe,” “Perfect Circle,” “Pretty Persuasion,” “So. Central Rain,” “Crazy” and “Letter Never Sent.”


So, so happy that this happened, and major props to Shannon & Co. for championing this album anniversary.