King Of The Road different versions?

@Gargumma and I had a discussion a little while back on another forum about the “rumor” of there being different versions of King Of The Road…

I looked in the Gary Nabors “Remnants” book, and it says that “King Of The Road” on Dead Letter Office is a “slightly edited” version compared to the b-side of the “So. Central Rain” 7in.

I thought I would just go pull those from my collection and see what I could figure out
But, turns out I don’t own the “So Central Rain” 7in single…!

I looked around a little on the internet and eBay, and found out that on the “So Central Rain” 7in, it lists “King Of The Road” on the label (and sleeve) with a run time of 4:14 on IRS105 (U.K. release) and 4:34 on IR9927 (U.S. release).
However, it has “Walter’s Theme” tagged on to the beginning of it. Don’t know why the runtimes are so different???

So when Gary Nabors says a “slightly edited” version is on Dead Letter Office, he MIGHT just be referring to it being by itself as an independent track?

Ultimate question in asking HERE now is, does anyone have a copy of the So. Central Rain 7in (UK or US)??


Again, I suggest contacting the folks from the R.E.M. Timeline as they’re experts on this type of thing, at least in my experience.

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Aren’t they HERE?

As I mentioned in your other post I believe Darryl White is. I’m not sure about Chris Hartstonge. I believe Darryl is @eckythump.