Jan. 6th Capital Hill investigation

Is anyone one else been interested with what’s going on? I am enthralled by it.

Waste of time. Distraction from much bigger issues that actually affect our lives.

I strongly believe democracy is important, it’s the voice of the people, and it should never be undermined. I regard the U.S. as greatly influential and is my country Australia, biggest ally, it’s showing me, and a good chance the rest of the world - this what we do when our democracy and change of government through an election process is threatened. It’s awesome.


It’s disturbing. It’s exposing parts of this country that have been there for a very long time but have either been underground or considered extreme. Those views and the actions are becoming/have become mainstream and to some people, completely acceptable.

These views didn’t just surface now or even in the last few years—they’ve always been there. And it’s a threat. Not seeing or understanding that is either willful ignorance or, honestly, acceptance.


I think almost, if not every country has a dark underbelly, I’m sure most would have ran into, or had an experience with bullshitting manipulators. Some are so good at it. I’ve done it many times, given some cunt the benefit of the doubt. I have learned a few good lessons though.

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