"It Happened Today" - Fan Remixes Requested by the Band

After Collapse Into Now was released, the band made the isolated tracks to “It Happened Today” available on REMHQ.com for the purpose of fans making their own remixes to the songs.

I submitted two (both were “liked” on SoundCloud by the band!):

Here are some other good ones:


Thanks for this. I got into some heap loads of trouble for this project :slight_smile: Worth it! I still have the GarageBand file on my drives.


Actually I’ll put it back online at some point.

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I kept all the files to :slight_smile:

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I had forgotten about this. Thanks for sharing!

Man, I’d love for the stems to circulate again. See what the tiktok crowd could do with it

I have all of my warners career archived but always want to ask before doing anything.

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Always the best policy. Working in copyright these days is always interesting…

Luckily nothing is still with Warners, its all owned by the band, but I’m always respectful of what they want to do.


I remember being really pleased when this happened - I liked It Happened Today but felt the outro was too long. So the opportunity to play producer was great!