Interpol @ The Eastern, Atlanta, GA on September 2, 2022

Here are some pics that I took at the Interpol concert here in Atlanta last night.
20 years have passed since I first became a fan of Interpol and first saw them in concert here in Atlanta right after the release of their debut album. This was also my 11th time seeing them live.

The way that I usually go about this is to take a bunch of photos during the first three songs of a concert, then just dance and take in the moment after that. This is how it went down last night. I was too busy rocking out to bother with my iPhone later on.

The low-light conditions at the stage made it tough to get decent iPhone pics anyway.


Great, really great pics there, man. And I’m glad you enjoyed Interpol for the 11th time. I like their debut album a lot, but haven’t followed them up.


The debut Interpol album is still my favorite record of the new millennium. Back during the heyday of, I used to pimp that album on the message board all of the time.


I don’t own any Interpol, I have heard a a lot of talk about them though. So much good music was pimped back in the heydays. I have so much music yet to discover. Great photos Jason. :+1:

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