In memory of Flowers Strewn

Ode to the memory of flowers strewn
Where one wrote a poem or created a tune,
Sketch and color, of spring, autumn, winter & summer
Nested in the murmurs of time…


Flowers Strewn had some beauty in it. Was it Mads that was the Danish poet?


Could be but I’m not sure Ethan. I remember Shawna was a moderater. It was a fun & adventurous forum.

Thoughts deep from the daily grind
Embedded in the mind & stacked like a midden time bomb…

…Stacked like a midden time bomb
Smack down bruise. Gob smacked.

I think it was. And for a short time there was that guy PSoggyDoggy who wrote absurdist long rants. I’m calling that poetry. Wish I’d saved it now. Shawna was the Flowers Strewn mod, she’d remember more. I remember one thing of his which was about erumpant flatulence and called evey post on the board flapdoodle. Ah. The olden days.

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Etty -

Thanks, Lori. I’ll check it out and maybe write something myself if I can get my brain into gear. But maybe it’s better if one doesn’t get too much brain in it. I used to call that vomit posts. Where you just let your emotions splatter out no matter how unhinged. Was MMWU in Flowers Strewn? Na, I think it was in the Mills forum. THAT I did save. Maybe I could update it. One about the lads in 2022. Creaky joints, laxatives and that stylee of madness.