In memory of Flowers Strewn

Ode to the memory of flowers strewn
Where one wrote a poem or created a tune,
Sketch and color, of spring, autumn, winter & summer
Nested in the murmurs of time…


Flowers Strewn had some beauty in it. Was it Mads that was the Danish poet?


Could be but I’m not sure Ethan. I remember Shawna was a moderater. It was a fun & adventurous forum.

Thoughts deep from the daily grind
Embedded in the mind & stacked like a midden time bomb…

…Stacked like a midden time bomb
Smack down bruise. Gob smacked.

I think it was. And for a short time there was that guy PSoggyDoggy who wrote absurdist long rants. I’m calling that poetry. Wish I’d saved it now. Shawna was the Flowers Strewn mod, she’d remember more. I remember one thing of his which was about erumpant flatulence and called evey post on the board flapdoodle. Ah. The olden days.


Etty -

Thanks, Lori. I’ll check it out and maybe write something myself if I can get my brain into gear. But maybe it’s better if one doesn’t get too much brain in it. I used to call that vomit posts. Where you just let your emotions splatter out no matter how unhinged. Was MMWU in Flowers Strewn? Na, I think it was in the Mills forum. THAT I did save. Maybe I could update it. One about the lads in 2022. Creaky joints, laxatives and that stylee of madness.

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I think I did a few vomit, silly & what I consider now to be stupid posts in the old forum. I’m really proud of myself though for never changing my user name out of embarrassment.

Way unfinished lyrics…

You’re no spaghetti western hit
Your white hat has shit on it
We see right through your ploy
You’re no 5th Avenue Cowboy

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The yard stick rule.
Another’s hand no longer touched
An embrace too far away from the heart.
A drink no longer from the cup that was shared.
Filtered breaths, hands gloved

This was Covid. I’m glad it’s on the way out.

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Little bits of the scourge stayed behind.
A third wave on mankind.

I discovered I can do “illlustration like” coloring pages, a week ago. Yhis is my second one. I’m gonna scan and start printing them off. I may use the money for donation…eventually. i have to get started first.


Good work. :+1:

I love the ink line drawing but you might have to adjust Bill’s face before I buy one!