Ideas for an R.E.M tattoo?

I was just wondering if anyone had one and would be willing to share a photo on here?

I am thinking of getting one but can’t decide on my design. The front runner at the moment is the Up logo with R.E.M written inside it, but not sure.


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I have lots of tattoos but no REM ones. I think @SweetFannyAddams has one. Not sure about others.

I think @ethank said he had one?

Don’t have one myself but happy to help with the thought process. Where are you wanting it, how prominant, what size? Prefer imagery, writing or both? Want something that screams R.E.M or something more subversive or personal?

REM lyrics make amazing tattoos. A few years back, I met someone in a bar who had “Living well is the best revenge” in massive letters As part of a sleeve. I asked if they were an REM fan and they laughed and said not at all but it did come from the REM song. They just liked the phrase and it did look cool as hell.

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I have a big one. Lyrics from Find The River, both forearms and a hand. There are pics here but it ends with “Fall into the ocean” and this

Brad has to put a capital U here. Nobody can figure out undertow.

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I also have a non. R.E.M. tat. It’s 2 weeks old and still peeling. I can show you the front which was taken at the studio

The original tat was 4 astrological symbols on my ankle. I asked Brad if he could make an anklet round it, and this is it. You can just make out the edge of where the original is. I won’t take a pic now because it’s still healing and peeling but he did a stellar job. I guess it’s 3 degrees away from R.E.M. The original tat was done at Pain and Wonder in Athens, at least 10 years ago during Athfest. 4 degrees? Oh, who knows.

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Ethan has the weird spiky thing from the cover of AFTP. Either on an arm or leg. It’s pretty cool.

Lower inside of my right arm. Don’t think I’d go for lyrics, although yours looks pretty cool SweetFannyAddams! I have been tempted by the Automatic spike from the 25th Anniversary album and as I said, the Up logo.

Getting the David Bowie Blackstar album cover on the inside of my lower left arm.

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R.E.M. I never figure out, but this was an easy design.



I’m going more in this style,

but like that too!

I think my problem with a design for an REM one is on the whole, their artwork is pretty awful in my opinion. Michael is my favourite vocalist and lyricist of all time, but his interpretation of art just doesn’t do it for me.

That’s why I used song lyrics for mine, with 1 image

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