I was asked to curate an hour of music on WHUP

My friend, Rick Cornell, who I’ve known for around 25 years now, recently invited our friend Mike Allen and myself to curate an hour’s worth of music each on WHUP, a low power FM community station located in Hillsborough, NC. The show is Ragged Gloryland and the episode aired last night. However, it will remain in their archive for the next 2 weeks. The reason Mike and I were invited is because it’s fundraising month at WHUP, which is how they stay on the air. No one is under any obligation to do so but I do ask that you please consider a donation (link below).

I probably met Mike over 10 years ago when he was working on the still unreleased NC music documentary, Bring It On Home, which borrows its title from a song by Arrogance, a band Don Dixon used to play in that was pretty popular here but not so much outside the state of NC. Mike was also behind the benefit concerts protesting HB2 (aka “The Bathroom Bill”) as well as Music For Fences for The Coalition to Unchain Dogs. More recently, he has been curating The Wake Forest Listening Room series conveniently located in Wake Forest, NC. He is also involved with Be Good To Yourself, an organization created to help musicians with substance abuse and mental health issues.

Since around 2009 or so, I’ve been involved with Guitartown, a community of fans of alt.country based out of the Triangle region (Raleigh - Durham - Chapel Hill). Though I’m no longer in that area, I’m still helping to maintain Guitartown’s social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Listen to Ragged Gloryland
Donate to WHUP