I Sit At My Table and Wage War on Myself

Am I the only one to do this?? The whole world seems like a madhouse at the moment. But maybe it was ever thus…! I think all we can do is cultivate our gardens (Voltaire- Candide).


I like that book it’s where the province of Québec is described as “a few acres of ice” (quelques arpents de neige) :slight_smile:

“wage war on myself” is my life story.

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That seems like a post I would have made 20 years ago on old murmurs. In some ways I am very different from then but also in other ways not.

sorry, whiskey talking. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Jorge-Quoi?? (that’s for your first post about Quebec).

@acheron I’m a hundred different people from one day to the next so I don’t feel like waging war on myself today!

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Voltaire’s “Candide”, which you quote in the opening post, is where you also find the Québec reference.

I think the world has gone to shit,but I’m old. Apparently that’s pretty standard.

Another great line from Candide is where Pangloss says to Candide that the nose was created for wearing glasses on (why else would it be the shape it is?). Don’t mention GLASSES! However I am just about to collect a new set (well 2 for the price of one actually) from my new optician. Phew! Thank goodness that saga will be over. And to think it all started when my reactolites went missing (still are :angry:)

Haha- me too.