I found an album featuring Michael from 1980!

the band is Carol Levy (the subject of “Camera”), Tom Smith, and our boy. it’s very weird and chaotic and still I’m proud of myself… :blush:


Where on earth did you find it??? I’m very proud of you too and as weird (chaotic is a bit of an understatement)as it was I was so intrigued!!! Cool :+1::slightly_smiling_face::rooster:


Thanks Linda!
I was browsing Michael’s Discog page out of boredom - Michael Stipe | Discography | Discogs and suddenly I noticed this weird little release… I also noticed this one - Lost In The Trees – Time Taunts Me (2010, Red, Vinyl) - Discogs - but in this case I’m not sure if it’s the same Michael Stipe…

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Sounds like some kind of ritual. Nice find!

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You should be proud! Nice find.

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Great find indeed!!!

The Micheal Stipe on the Lost In The Trees album is linked to the real Michal Stipe, but credited to have performed Trumpet and Flugelhorn (curious). Assume it’s an error on the part of the original submitter, who has added the credits as well.