I am finally inked!

7 years in the planning. Waiting for the right tattoo artist. Thank you, Brad@Stung by Steel. All the script is impossible to photograph because it’s done on the diagonal, but you should have no problem knowing what it is. Still a little red because it’s only 4 days old. A little blurred too because my phone is old. Have a peek. Final line above the water drop is “fall into the ocean”

ETA the middle pic is very blurry. It’s hard to capture the artistry of the writing, but trust me, it’s beautiful Brad is a legend. Thanks too to REM for the one song that saved my life more than once, and gave me words that speak to my soul.


Sweet! One of my favorite songs on Automatic for the People. My favorite is Monty Got a Raw Deal and Sweetness Follows.

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OK, it’s healed and photographed as well as is possible, seeing as it’s mainly wrapped around my arms. You should have no trouble identifying the song. I’m sorry if it’s overkill, posting 2 versions of the same thing, but the way it’s angled means it needs to be rotated for all of it to be seen. I love it. It’s as close as wearing my heart on my sleeve as is humanly possible.

And this, this is the crowning glory. Thank you, Brad!


I love it too Etty and you did choose a great song. x

The song came just at the moment I needed it most. 1990? Around then, I got a devastating diagnosis. It remains the one that speaks to me on a deeper level than any other. People always say Everybody Hurts is the great healer, and it is. I’m sure many lives, especially young ones were saved by EH. But Find The River is engraved in my heart. From the moment I first heard it. To me it represents my soul merging into the ocean of all consciousness at the end of my life. Somehow I always imagined my death to be imminent, and now I’m old so it’s closer at any rate. That song -only enlightened souls could have created that. John Paul Jones produced Automatic I think. The whole album from start to finish is nothing short of a miracle.


A little over a year ago, when I myself had a somewhat, threatening health scare. That (Find the River) was actually the first song I posted on Facebook.


They let me have my phone, being that I was in the physical part of the hospital. In the mental part they don’t let you have one.

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That is so so good. Them stories too… sending love to you both x

Im trying to pluck up the courage. Im 50 and my 21 year old son wants us both to have a pair of seals tatooed (its a football thing). He wants his lower leg, if I can get the courage I’m going bicep I think. Just a little baby!

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