My band, Maddenig Flames, were asked a cover song for a 1991 compilation record. Shiny Happy People was our election. Hope you like It!!!



Thanks Lori

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Can you tell us a bit more about your band and the compilation record? Enjoyed the listen & now I’m curious.

Hi Lori
My name is Jose Maria Millan, though everybody knows me by my nickname Borry. I am the drummer in Maddening Flames.
We are a band from the south of Spain with a very beautiful story behind that I will try to sum up for you:
We started in 1990 and published two records (Wanderlust and Six ways to Sunday). Since the very early beginnings we had a very good catch by the critics and the public. With Six ways to Sunday we were very close to getting to a mainstream level. Best voice in 1995, best song, best art cover, nº 1 in independent charts, but then, life presented us with other paths, you know, daily jobs, marriage… and when we realized the band had disappeared. No dispute, no ego fights, no recesses, no official statement, we simply faded away until we disappeared. Our music relation was based in a very close friendship between us but incomprehensibly 25 years went by without gathering again the four of us, despite living in the same country. It’s crazy but it was.
In 2013 my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer 's and when something like that comes to your life, there are many things you start to wonder and think. Then as a consequence of this I started to think about memories and my past, and realized that I had forgotten many of the incredible experiences we had lived together as Maddening Flames. I have always been the one who keeps everything, every setlist, every picture, every tape, video… so I started to digitize all that stuff, and during those six years of my mom’s illness I did a documentary about my own band as an exercise for my own memory. I did everything, the script, the editing, the interviews, the camera recording, everything, just myself, my time and my love for my band. I did it totally in secret, and none of the MF members knew anything. My only intention and scope (by the way I had never made a documentary, I am not into the movie business at all), was to celebrate a surprise party at home and recover that friendship among us remembering the old days. Needless to say, that day exceeded all my expectations, laughs, tears, emotion, and friendship. As a consequence of all this, the flame started to burn again inside us and I presented my documentary to some movie festivals, and for my surprise, it was premiered and awarded in a couple of important film festivals here in Spain. Just imagine, me and Maddening Flames in the movies :joy:. Unbelievable and amazing.
So we are back after so long enjoying our friendship and our love for music. In fact we are entering at the end of September to record what will be our third work.

Here below some links to our music, and the documentary:

Here you are a couple of songs of our last concert last week

You can also find us on FB, Instagram, twitter…

If you like our music, please share and spread our songs among your contacts.
Big hug Lori!!!


I’ve heard a lot of R.E.M. covers, and they’re not always good, but you’ve done a great job there. Not an easy song to cover. I like the energy you bring to it.


Thanks for your words Michael. I invite you to listen to our own songs. I hope you also like It.
Big hug!

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Love your story and I’ve known of your cover for SHP for a few months now. Can’t remember how I first heard about it. You really managed to perform a great cover of an R.E.M. song, which is something hard to do. You guys made it yours and I absolutely love it. Congratulations, and I hope to hear from Maddening Flames’ new activities soon!

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Thanks a lot Rodrigo, you’re very kind. Hope to have new MF songs by the end of the year.


Absolutely love it. Well done.

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Thanks Carl

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Great work @Borry! Really interesting hearing it as a bit more of a fuzzed-up guitar driven song.

I hope you don’t mind if I share on

Thanks Mark, go ahead!!!