Horse across the water, water

Is the echoey “water” by Scott in the chorus of Horse To Water a nod to McCartney’s Uncle Albert?

I don’t understand the Uncle Albert reference, but I’m not sure Scott is singing the extra “water.” I recollect REM putting out a brief pre-release video clip from the studio of Mike singing (with no other words) “water.”

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On Uncle Albert/ Admiral Halsey, McCartney also uses that extra “water” right after “hands across the water”. I was wondering if R.E.M. took the idea from it, given that the last word of each line is the same. Just for fun.
If it is just a coincidence, do you think they’ve noticed? I know it is something of no importance. I am just curious. Thanks for the reply.

I haven’t listened to much solo McCartney work, but it certainly seems like it could be a nod. REM has covered Beatles and solo material (last song with Berry was Lennon’s #9 Dream if I’m not mistaken), so it wouldn’t be surprising.

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