Hey, now, don’t forget…

In 2011, going through the beginning of years of intense personal challenges, the boys made Uberlin and sang “Hey now, don’t forget that change will save you.” Now, in 2023, I hear that song and those words again in an incredibly better place and think about how much it meant to hear those words back then. Change saved me. It took time, and that song got me through. I’ll never forget it or how much these guys have meant to me since I first heard them almost forty years ago.


Yes and “Change is what I believe in” in I Believe on LRP. It certainly holds true and bears repeating again and again. An interesting word in itself. Middle English from the Old French and Latin cambire meaning “to barter” and probably of Celtic origin according to the OED. Swopping one thing for another essentially. Of course there’s David Bowie’s Changes on Hunky Dory too. Also a good one on the subject.

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