Has Twitter Run Its Course?

Just kidding. I suspect Twitter will survive in some form, but what a shitshow right now. Some of the trolls are pretty entertaining though.


Twitter has some good communities, photos, art work, music sharing etc. It’s a shame that the twitterati shitshows seem to get most of the attention.

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Other than the complaining (which is justified), I haven’t seen much change in Twitter. I’m on there to help promote alt.country via the Guitartown community which is based out of the Triangle region of NC. Unless Twitter crashes and burns as predicted, my status there isn’t likely to change. In other words, I’m not looking for another platform.

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There’s a morbosity to it (in terms of shit stirring and such) that makes it appealing to most of it users (i.e me).
Then I guess there’s also the notion of ‘freedom of speech’ that other platforms don’t have. Unless of course you are a media affiliated to Russia, then you get censored.

I’m not really sure about the actual intentions of Musk behind the acquisition (did he deliberately bought it to crash it? Does he really care about this so-called ‘freedom of speech’?) but I guess it’ll survive nevertheless because it’s the rebel child of social networks.

Also, and as a spin off of this argument, I guess I’m already old to keep track of all of the social networks that are around. I just can’t bother anymore.


I might know a couple trolls. Or be one. :innocent:

I have a sentimental attachment to Twitter, and I hate to see how Musk is the Troll in Charge and sees it nothing more than a place to make bad jokes and poke fun. The absolute failure of Twitter Blue and the fake accounts that followed was fucking beautiful. And it shows that Musk does not understand people or how they operate.

I built a good, solid community. I’ve made friends. I developed a support group when I moved into higher ed management (and that group seemed to all leave management about the same time—and are elated about it.)

During the early part of the pandemic I started following MDs and other health professionals and it helped me understand what was happening with research, the vaccine, etc. And some of those MDs have become important parts of my life.

If it ends, I’ll mourn it for sure.


I think Musk made an impulsive comment and then ended up stuck with an acquisition he couldn’t get out of.

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I’m just blocking anything that seems like noise. I like my music peeps on twitter - not sure about the rest.

I think he bought it for the tech and userbase and has other plans for it.

The news isn’t sounding good right now. I’ll miss it if it goes away.

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Might be, otherwise why spend millions to crash and burn it?

It’s either that or a megalomaniac whim.

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Someone said he won’t last. I say be patient and see.