Happy 1 year anniversary to new Murmurs

Maybe it hasn’t taken off as much as some of us hoped, but I’m still glad it’s here. Thanks to @ethank of course, and also thanks to everyone who is sticking around!


I think it’s needed but I need to devote more time to it. Maybe add a Discord. Or some original content somehow.


Happy birthday new Murmurs! I’m certainly glad it’s here, even if it can be a bit quiet at times.


I’m happy it’s here too. Happy 1 Year Anniversary new Murmurs! :partying_face:


Happy Anniversary new Murmurs!


A year already? Time does fly. I’m happy that we have this little corner of the internet. Thank you, @ethank , and happy anniversary to all of us!


happy birthday murmurs and many thanks @ethank


Happy birthday new Murmurs. I’m glad you’re here. :slight_smile:


No wonder why I got the 1 year anniversary badge!
However, it’s incredible a year has passed already, but I guess lately it’s hard to keep up with the passing of time. Or maybe I’m just getting old.


This board for me is a kind of refuge. I’m not active on any forums for years now, but I do enjoy some of the subs on Reddit. I found it following my, um, controversial fandom of the TLC show Sister Wives. Yes, I know it’s scripted to some degree and I’d pay good money to see the contracts and NDAs the “cast” have to sign. Yes, TLC is a shit, exploitative channel, showing “different” families as freaks. Odd to think their original premise and acronym was The Learning Channel, but I digress. I was intrigued by this modern polygamist family. They never hid the fact they were fundie Mormons, although religion took a back seat most of the time. It’s been running 10 years, and I think the next series will be the last, because they’re no longer a polygamist family. In one short year, three of the 4 wives have left. No longer a plural family. I’ve stuck with it this long, I’m here to see it crash and burn. The patriarch is a dimwitted narcissistic misogynist and his favorite and legal wife is an abomination too.

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Is this your lost post Etty?

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Happy birthday to Murmurs. Glad we’re still here :heart::rooster::rooster:


“Murmurs” the website is a year old, and “Murmurs” the instant-classic album turns 40 next month.

How the time has flown. I sure wish I could tell my college roommate, who thought they were awful, “Na na na na na” but she died in 2018. RIP, LRM.

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  1. How in the world. R.E.M. were the mainstay of my (debatable) sanity through the 80s and 90s. Their music will never go stale for me…it carried me through the hard times and the good times. It’s timeless. My kids are grown up, which drives home the passage of time. Now they’re dealing with all the adult shit and I’m as invested in them no less than when they were children. Now I can revel in their successes and feel the pride. I also have to grit my teeth at choices which are gonna go tits up. I have 2 grandsons. My first granddaughter will be born any day now. And I still anchor myself to the music R.E.M. made. It shocks me that today’s kids don’t know about this incredible band that saved my life more than once.

Lori! Yes! Part of it. The rest got cut off. My guess is that it was too long. Doesn’t matter. I had gone into full tilt rant mode and there’s more than enough in what’s left. Thanks for finding it. I kinda knew I wasn’t gonna find other Sister Wives fans here. It’s reality tv trash, but it has maybe one more series in production now that will be the last. All the sane wives have left. Ah well. I’m sure I can find another fubar tv show to get immersed in. TLC creates nothing but rubbish tabloid telly.

I don’t know it. I am familiar with Married At First Sight though, plenty of drama and cleavage most of the time.

Looks like I missed saying CONGRATULATIONS AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY here. So, CONGRATULATIONS AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY MURMURS. So happy to have you around - thank you Ethan - xxx