Gigs you've been to lately

I was sure there was already a thread for this but I can’t find one…

Last night I saw DakhaBrakha in Glasgow. Wow. Just wow. Absolutely blown away. One of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. Emotional, powerful, beautiful.


Not a whole lot recently. There was Carbon Leaf in December with the whole family (all-ages afternoon show, they usually do a couple of those in December each year, which have been my kids’ first concert experiences).

There are a couple coming up in the next few weeks. Carbon Leaf again (no kids this time), and a chamber music concert from the local baroque group – looks like it’s featuring a recorder player (recorderist?) doing Bach/CPE Bach/Telemann.


The last concert I went to was Albano Carrisi, an Italian tenor & Romina Power, in Oct. 23. The Adelaide Fringe festival is coming next month, my sister asked me to see The Carpenters Songbook tribute with her. I’m going.

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This was on Friday. Having seen them 40 times or something I end up mostly judging the shows by if there’s anything unusual in the setlist. The band is always good, which is why I’ve seen them 40 times, but there’s a few songs I’ve probably seen 38 times that are sort of “yep, I know this one.”

Anyway, Friday’s show had a song from 2020 that I think is the first time they’ve ever played it in a full concert, so +1 there.