Gigs you've been to a long time ago

For reminiscing about concerts from back in the day, whatever that means to you. This topic comes out in other threads of course, but here’s a dedicated one.

As of a couple days ago it’s been 23 years since the first time I saw U2, on the Elevation tour. I had just finished my freshman year of college. We had GA tickets and got in just on the outside of the heart (if you remember how U2 set up their stage back then). It was very cool.

I remember it well, and it is still my favorite arena concert I’ve been to. (have not been to a lot, but still.) It maybe doesn’t quite make my list of pivotal moment concerts but nonetheless a very fond early concert memory.


I first saw U2 play live in 1984. It was at a small stadium called th Apollo. I will never forget the audience roar near the end of “A Day With Out Me” It was the Unforgettable Fire tour.


in other threads I’ve been going on about the year 2004 as well as the band Vertical Horizon. Intersection of this thread with those two things gets me this VH concert I went to: Vertical Horizon Live at 9:30 Club on 2004-10-08 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

cc: @SweetFannyAddams

This is the only post-2000 performance of “Famous” that I’m aware of. Matt cracks up while singing it and then trashes it afterwards: “if you ever don’t like a song, don’t put it on the record. just f’in erase it.”