Future 40's and The Golden Palimino's

Been a fan for ages but only recently discovered the song Future 40’s by Syd Straw and Stipe. It happens to be the song he sung on Tour Film as intro to I Believe.
Felt the same excitement as in my early days as a fan. Hearing something new and immediately loving it.

Same for the songs by the Golden Palominos with Michael Stipe as lead singer. Especially I’m alive and living now is such a great great song.

I’m wondering if I was the only one who never knew about these projects.

Future 40’s - Syd Straw with Michael Stipe - Future 40s (String of Pearls) (1989) - YouTube
I’m alive and living now - The Golden Palominos - Alive And Living Now - YouTube

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“Future 40’s” I’ve known and loved for a while, “Alive and Living Now” I had never even heard of. I’m baffled that there exists a song with Stipe on lead vocals that I was unaware of!

It’s pretty great, to boot… I like it more than “Clustering Train” and “Boy (Go”), which I did know of.

Syd is great and Future 40’s is a great song -The whole album rocks. Have you also checked out the Indigo Girls self titles album from 1989 - Stipe backing vocals on ‘Kid Fears’ and the whole band backing on ‘Tried to Be True’.
Syd also does backing vocals on Grant McLennan’s album ‘Horsebreaker Star’ (REM adjacent)

Those I knew. I think in general Michael Stipe had some great guest appearances.

Alive and Living Now is a GREAT song!

I remember going out and buying the 45 for it when I heard it on the radio!

Stipe is also on a couple other Golden Paliminos songs. “Boy Go” is one, I think there’s another…

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