Free bootlegs at DIME

Good old torrent bootlegs website DIME-a-dozen has just started their “freeloader” days today. It goes on until Jan 8th.

For those already registered, it’s a chance to get many R.E.M. bootlegs that were shared during the year, or at least a chance to improve your ratio.

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My account got deleted. Sadly no way of recovering. No new registrations at present. :frowning:

I’m sorry for that. And it seems they only open for registration once in a while, after deleting a few accounts.

I’ve gone through account deletion a long time ago. DIME is famously difficult, because it always seems you download what you want, but everyone is faster than you and you can never get a good ratio by uploading in return. So I stopped using my account for a while (around 2007, I think) and it got deleted for bad ratio+inactivity. But of course. I couldn’t upload anything ever!

And then I made a new one and developed a sort of method for at least keeping a decent ratio now and then. And I think later they started doing these freeloader days around holiday time, so now I can download every R.E.M. bootleg during the year and heal my ratio during these two weeks.

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I’m in the same boat as cliffonthemoon - DIME account lapsed over a decade ago. :frowning: I’m looking for the shows I attended – anyone interested in old-fashioned trading?

I’m looking for:

1999-08-20 Tinley Park IL
2003-09-28 Auburn Hills MI
I’m also interested in pretty much anything from the Monster tour.

Here are the lossless things I have which don’t have a commercial release:

1980-05-30 - 40 Watt
1980-10-04 - 20th Century Boys Vol.2
1982-01-22 - File Under Kudzu
1983-07-07 - Larrys Hideaway
1983-09-30 - 20th Century Boys Vol.1
1983-11-09 - Elliot Mazer
1984-06-09 - Capital Theatre, Passaic, NJ
1984-06-27 - Seattle
1985-11-09 - CMJ Awards New York
1986-10-26 - Buffalo
1987-05-24 - McCabe’s
1987-09-14 - Holland - Rapid Eye Movement
1988 February - Green Demos
1989-04-29-thru-30 Poets of the Wheat (disc 2)
1989-11-13 Atlanta (disc 1)
1989-11-13 Atlanta (disc 2)
1991-03-05 - Radio Songs
1991-03-13 - Poets of the Wheat (disc 1)
1998 Spring - UP demos
2001 Reveal Version 1 tracks
2001-10-23 - Crocodile Cafe (disc 1)
2001-10-23 - Crocodile Cafe (disc 2)
2005-02-25 - Sheffield Mini-Gig
2005-04-03 - Melbourne
2005-06-05 - Austria Soundcheck
2006-04-01 Athens GA
2007-06-30 - Olympia Theatre - Dublin - Night 1
2007-07-01 - Olympia Theatre - Dublin - Night 2
2007-07-03 - Olympia Theatre - Dublin - Night 3
2007-07-04 - Olympia Theatre - Dublin - Night 4
2007-07-05 - Olympia Theatre - Dublin - Night 5
Fanclub Singles 1988-1996
Fanclub Singles 1997-2004
In the Year 2525 - Covers
It’s R.E.M. Jim
Shiny Chatty People

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I have this one. Will upload to MediaFire as soon as I get home.

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Oh awesome!!

One ridiculously overpriced dinner later, here it is:


Grabbed it! Thank you! After 19 years, my memory of the Aerosmith bit (track 07) was pretty darn accurate. It’s so fun to hear this show again!