Foo Fighter drummer Taylor Hawkins dies

Sad news, he was 50 -
“The Foo Fighters family is devastated by the tragic and untimely loss of our beloved Taylor Hawkins,”

“After Foo Fighters founder and front man Dave Grohl, Hawkins was probably the most prominent member of the group, appearing alongside Grohl in interviews and playing prominent roles in the band’s videos.
Hawkins was Foo Fighters’ drummer for 25 of the band’s 28 years of existence, taking over for original drummer William Goldsmith in 1997.”


I am completely, gutted, devasted, shocked
I love you Taylor

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After Taylor and Mark* Lanagens passing…I’m just done with 2022.

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I was never a big Foo Fighters fan. Maybe a minor one. But I have nothing but IMMENSE respect for Dave Grohl and his apparent best friend Taylor Hawkins. Two great guys, two of the best, two good souls. Rock needs more and more of those. This is much more shocking and sad than I would have anticipated.


I love the debut album from Foo Fighters that was recorded before Taylor Hawkins joined the band. In fact, I think that “Good Grief” is the best song of Dave Grohl’s career, his Nirvana stuff included.

I am not a superfan of the band’s subsequent albums, but I have always had tremendous respect for the band, and I am always pulling for them to succeed just because they seem like awesome people.

I saw Foo Fighters in October of 2021 at the Shaky Knees Festival here in Atlanta. I was right up front at the show. Taylor Hawkins was playing a drum set that had “RIP Charlie” written on it, in tribute to Charlie Watts. During the set, Taylor handled vocals for a cover of Queen’s “Somebody to Love.”

When I saw the news of Taylor’s death two nights ago, I thought it was a joke related to the band’s Studio 666 horror movie that I had seen on the night of release. I was shocked to realize that he had truly left us.