Flannel Shirt for Men Butto

I for one would love a flannel shirt for my buttocks, for sitting on those cold, hard cement benches. If that’s what it is. Does anyone know what it does or is? Wrong or partially wrong answers only.

Someone couldn’t be bothered typing a letter to finish the word. Slack.
They purposely wanted to make it mysterious to gain more clicks.
Auto fill fail.
Hey Butto! here’s a flannel shirt for men.


Do you remember the garish red floral cushion I used to bring to general admission R.E.M. gigs? I bought it in Germany for 5 euros because I and a handful of other die hard fans would arrive at 9 am at the venue and I’m not standing around outside for hours. I took it to every R.E.M. gig. It’s hideous, but that doesn’t matter. I would suggest you park your buttocks, or butto on cush .Then get a wool plaid blanket and make yourself a kind of loincloth to keep cusho in place. If you’re serious, I’ll find cusho and mail it to you. It really does its job. It’s ugly but nice and thick. The blankie part is up to you. I think some kind of tartan would be super. HTH.

ETA- you can wrap the loincloth anyway you like. I suggest wrapping thighs for stability and added warmth. I don’t know how suitable this would be on public benches, but it would work a treat on your own premises.

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I have a few questions. Does the flannel shirt have buttons? Do the buttons button up at the front or the back? How many buttons would one have to undo to go the bathroom?