Favorite Athens bands besides R.E.M

What are your favorite Athens bands besides R.E.M.?

I like B-52s and Drive-By Truckers.


Love Tractor! I adore them and own everything they have released on multiple formats much like my R.E.M. collection.

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Oh man. Y’all want a really long list? Cuz this is how I end up blathering on for hours.

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Of Montreal.

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I would say Oh-OK’s Furthermore What may be the single best record of the golden age. Shame they never made a full album, although perhaps they simply said what they had to say.

I’ve said it before, but the Kilkenny Cats were an amazingly powerful live band who never quite captured that power on record.

I really liked Japancakes and Macha from the vintage Athfest days.

Drive-By Truckers, Pylon, the Glands, of Montreal.

The Glands are way underrated and had reissues of all their material plus an unfinished double album come out a few years ago. Pylon also had a really nice box set a couple years ago.


Forgot Bloodkin and Guadalcanal Diary (technically from outside ATL, but it’s my post).

Drive By Truckers

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Go for it!

I got into a vinyl collecting hobby during the pandemic.

The B-52’s albums are a cornerstone of that collection, along with a Pylon reissue box set that I got a year or so ago.

Pylon and B52

Pylon, B-52s and Of Montreal


Whigs are good too. Saw them open for DBT at BamaJam in Enterprise. Luther Dickenson was playing with the Black Crowes at the time and sat in with DBT. Great day. G Love and Special Sauce played too. Many Cold Beverages were consumed that day!