"Family Ties" - new Mykkie Blanco song ft. Stipe

I must admit I had never heard of Blanco, but I like it! Though of course I wish Michael’s contribution was a bit more substantial. :wink:


Strange, almost backing vocal.
But I like it… it’s actually reminiscent of Michael’s own solo material.

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Its odd, but I like it, and I like Michael’s voice as usual.


Sad, but beautiful song and video.

I dont think I know any of the popular artists of the past 15 years, so its no surprise that I dont know who Mykkie Blanco is. I thought this song was catchy but a little too simple compared to what comes to something that I usually associate with Stipe. The two vocals do match up together nicely. If it was Stipe singing it all his own, I’d probably enjoy it more,but he would have probably had more depth to the lyrics.
I went about looking to what other songs Blanco has done but its all rap, so I lost interest pretty quickly.