Dream with REM and Bono

In this dream REM were at an office. They needed a ride to the venue. I arranged for a bus to pick them up. They were running late. I flagged down the bus driver, and said “wait they’re coming”. They come out an Bono is with them and he’s drunk. The driver said, “I can’t take them with him being drunk “. So they found another way. In the office of this building I was with a whole bunch of people. I explained what happened. Then REM came back. Mike Mills says “We took a limo it’s all good”. Someone else asked about Bono. Peter said “he’s sleeping it off backstage we’ll pick him up tomorrow “. Everyone went back to whatever it is we were doing. Then I woke up.

I love dreams like this, where things just happen - I’m forever having ones where I’m trying to do something or go somewhere, but there’s snag after snag and nothing ever gets completed. And forget guest stars!

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