Did anyone here post on Myrem?

That was a site that existed before Murmurs shut down, and became somewhat more active afterwards. However, it lost its moderators at some point, and the site kept getting spammed by posts that looked like (and may well have been) underage pornography, and then the most active poster, Molly, had a baby and eventually the site sort of faded away.

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I did not post there but I’ll take this time to apologize for having a multi year feud with the guy that ran it. I was young. Sorry Jim.


i did! i believe i had the same username as well. i had no idea about the spamming :exploding_head:

I did post in there. And I recall the bootleg sharing section wich was shut down long before the site was.
My username was sousa.

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I hated Myrem and the racist chump who owned it.

Briefly. Very briefly. I heard I’d like Murmurs better…and well I’m still here and haven’t been there since 2004.

I remember some people who’d had high standing here eventually moved over there and then pretended they’d never been on here in the first place. I ran into one of them at the Point and their behaviour at the time still haunts me. We’d been close enough before their move to hang out in person at their apartment FFS! Went over to say hi, rather enthusiastically, and they returned the greeting as if I’d been trying to sell them something. Still don’t get it to this day. Defuq did I do, bitch?


Ethan - By coincidence I sat next to Jim at the August 1999 R.E.M. show in Cleveland (Cuyahoga Falls). I had never before met Jim nor heard of Myrem. He remember him telling me that he had an R.E.M. website called myrem and I told him that I often logged onto murmurs.com. He then went on a rant about how much he disliked you. I concluded that the feud was between the two of you. I never held it against him nor you and I continued to log onto my daily dose of murmurs.com.

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I never posted or even had a membership on Myrem. I discovered Murmurs first, found it to my liking, and stayed there. I was aware of the rivalry, but never paid it any mind.

During the early 2000s, though, I went to some concert in Athens or Atlanta…I cannot remember which one…and, later on, somebody told me, “Some of the people on Myrem were at the show, and they said that they saw you there.”

That sort of weirded me out, the idea that people from the Myrem site knew of me from Murmurs and were watching me from a distance, although I had never been affiliated with their site.


Yikes, where’s a WTF react when you need one?

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Oh man. I mean, I was 18/19, and I’m super competitive anyhow, but he kind of stalked me in Athens at one of the listening parties (I think for Reveal), which was kind of creepy.


He struck me as a normal guy, but murmurs.com was a definite sore spot for him. It was a long time ago …

I mean, I likely didn’t help. Again, I was 18/19 years old. My kind of competitive and … well, as my wife would say… arrogant manner has served me well in life, but likely wasn’t super pleasant back then.

No worries, we’ve all been teenagers! : )

I was on there, and I remember Emily. I saw her in NYC at a cash machine in 03 or 04 on a day REM played MSG.

And arrogant you were, at many moments, I’d say. I still remember that, because I didn’t have the super-duper-latest browser back then (because I didn’t have money for a new computer), I had “workflow deficiencies” and could no longer keep up with Murmurs.

I posted there. My name was Destiple. At some point Jim had just shut it down without an explanation. Than I had heard he ran a online server company and conned people out of money and got into some trouble over that. I don’t know how true that was though.

Then You’re gonna love what I did Astrid.

I went into it, not knowing the net. On a manic*, I thought wouldn’t it be fun if I posted as a couple of people and got into “fights” with myself.

Needless to say, they caught on…

…and that’s how my tenure at Murmurs began. :wink:

*I’m med compliant now, so all’s good. I was a little scared a couple times, because first generation SSRIs were bad for some people.

Right @Avalon?

You live. You learn.

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Interesting thread

Well yes, but that was virtual you Thing 1 fighting with virtual you Thing 2 for the sheer manic craic of it. That wasn’t someone you had counted as a friend and had physically hung out with suddenly treating you like shit for no reason you can fathom.