Dave Grohl fans

And who isn’t? Anybody want to talk smack about the man, see me out back. Dave has 2 daughters who sing. I mean, sing really, really well. The older girl Violet, looks between 10 and 12 yo and Harper maybe 6. This is so heartwarming.


Here’s another of Dave and Violet. What a beautiful voice she has. Must be in the genes

ETA- I don’t know how old this clip is. Could be she’s 18 and all grown up. Such talent can only flourish if Dave Grohl is your dad.


I think this was a while ago. Violet seems to be an adult now, when she appeared singing nicely (but very shyly) on the Taylor Hawkins tribute.


Thanks for the update!

I have nothing against the man but if one were to go solely by the artists reported on by music media you might get the mistaken impression that Foo Fighters are the only rock artists of note and/or currently in existence. The over saturation of all things Grohl in the media in general has been in overload mode for quite some time. Again, not saying I have anything against the man at all, it’s the omnipresence that’s a turn off to me. It’s sort of like back in the 80’s when Phil Collins was everywhere you turned. Just multiple that by at least a thousand. I’ve also never been particularly enamored of the music he’s created with Foo Fighters. I don’t dislike it, nor do I hate it. It simply doesn’t appeal to me. All that said, he and his bandmates have my deepest sympathy for the recent passing of their drummer, Taylor Hawkins.

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I covet Dave Grohl’s hair.

So do I, Kelly. So do I.

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