Cringeworthy Fan Interactions

Firstly, my fandom exists in a bubble. Apart from the guy in High School who gave me Murmurs to listen to, I’m a bit of an REM island, kinda always looking for someone who I can chat rem with. As an adult its always a little more difficult. My son would walk up to random kids in the playground and as ‘You like Minecraft?’ and start chatting. It’s a little hard when your in your 50’s.

Over Christmas I was doing letterbox flyer drops in my neighbourhood. ( I run a zero waste shop in Marrickville, Sydney). Height of Covid we were all wearing masks inside, and if you are like me pretty risk adverse, outside too. Team that with the Australian summer and you have me in a wide brim straw hat, zinc cream, long sleave shirt, backpack with arms full of flyers. (think Marlon Brando in Island Of Dr. Moreau doing a letterbox drop)

On my way around the streets I see a guy wearing a 1995 ‘Bear In the Woods’ tour t-shirt. And think ‘Cool t-shirt, I wonder if its Vintage or New? I do a jog/walk over to him (arm full of flyers) trying to get his attention saying ‘Excuse me… Excuse me.’ He looks at me and starts to jog/walk in the other direction saying ‘No thank you, not today’.

It took a few seconds before I realised what I looked like and maybe he thought I was about to charity mug him (we call them ‘Chuggers’).

So Mr. 1995 tour t-shirt, if you are on here, Hello, nice t-shirt, is it vintage or a reprint? I hope we cross paths again… In less award circumstances.