Cookout for my best bro

Hey guys, BTB here (Big Tiddy Bubba is what everyone calls me, BTB for short)

My best friend got out of jail yesterday, its been forever. (Long story, it was nothing bad), so we threw a little backyard cookout for him.
I really missed my bro, and it was awesome having all of our friends over.

Im posting this because were all some South Florida Cracker Rednecks haha. Im from NC but ive lived here long enough. Okeechobee Florida, i was grilling and running the music. It was nothing but rap, and country classics, but i managed to throw some R.E.M. in there for the crowd. Dont Go Back To Rockville, Little America, ITEOTWAWKI, Man On The Moon. They loved it! Made me feel good haha.

We had a great time!
Im the big guy in the cowboy hat, my best bro is the one with the white shirt and blue pants.


Congratulations on your friend coming back home, and welcome to Murmurs!


R.E.M. and cookouts. A fan staple.