Chronic Town fanzine

Does anyone remember this? It was UK-based. Wondering if the dude who made it is on here. It was great.

In a box somewhere in our room of doom, I have every issue. I think there was about 20-25 of them. In the days before the Internet, it was such an amazing source of R.E.M.ness. I had an album review published in it once. (Counting Crows - August and Everything After, if you’re wondering…)


Someone recently inquired about it in the R.E.M. Fans United group on FB. I grew up in a rural area of NC and never saw a fanzine in those days or even knew what they were until years later.

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A lot of fanzines were rubbish. But Chronic Town was excellent. I’ll dig that box out sometime and post some screenshots.


I’ve just seen that post. It was two days ago! I’m a little bit freaked out that, at almost the same time as I made this thread, someone else was doing the same thing on Facebook! The world is weird, man…


Are they still available to purchase somewhere, somehow?

Not that I know of. But I haven’t looked. Could probably get a few on ebay.

Chronic Town was awesome, always looked forward to it arriving in my letterbox. I had a collection of every issue but sold it a few years ago :frowning: @binky1978 I’d love to see some pics at some point, for old times sake.


Just moved house. (That’s a painful story, for another thread…)

Anyway, unpacking some boxes today and I’ve just found these…

Will post some more photos later when I get a bit of time.