Big Star Tribute shows

I read a recent interview with Mike Mills. He spoke of the new Baseball Project album- and he mentioned upcoming Big Star tribute shows …
this is great!
If anyone has any info about these Big Star Tribute shows, please share? or upcoming Baseball Project shows, too ! Thanks

Dates announced: Members of REM, Wilco, Posies and more to tour Big Star’s #1 Record | UNCUT

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Videos from the show at the Georgia Theatre - 11-30-2022 has appeared on Youtube.
"September Gurls” Mike Mills on vocals!

“Ballad of El Goodo”

I went to one of the Big Star tribute shows in Chicago in 2013. Mike Mills was supposed to be there but had a family emergency (or something). It was SO GOOD.

The Letter: The Letter. Big Star Tribute - YouTube
Jesus Christ: Big Star Tribute - YouTube

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