Any Brits here? Did you vote?

I have no clue how many U.K. citizens are on this board, but I’m curious. Today we voted for London Mayor and some other clowns who run departmental bullshit. Despite feeling like the walking dead, I went down the polling station and cast my votes.
Last night my daughter managed to score Jake Bugg tix. Superb gig. He’s amazing. Mostly known for his unique voice and songwriting. I had no idea he can shred guitar solos like a pro, but he does. Only problem is, part of his gig is a lot of fake smoke which irritated my eyes and my nose was running like a tap. Also, the light show. Maybe I’m just too old to go to indoor gigs, but it was worth every second. He’s fantastic. For the last few weeks, I’ve had what’s being called the hundred days cough. It’s hideous. The smoke didn’t help. I barely slept last night cos coughing my guts out. And today I forced myself to vote. I think it should be compulsory here like it is in Australia. My daughters couldn’t be arsed. Why am I boring everyone with my personal stuff? I’m curious. Has anyone else developed this 100 day cough phenomenon? How many U.K. citizens actually voted?I just want to see the back of the Tory shower of bastards, so I voted Labour for the first time in my life on every paper. And despite the unwanted effects of fake stage smoke and blinding, flashing lights, Jake Bugg was a revelation. I was already a fan, but now I bought the t shirt. Literally.