An unreleased Horse to Water video

So in 2007 I was in London I believe when the band was mixing Accelerate and Peter handed me a DVD and said “can you make a video to Horse to Water from this?”

I didn’t get around to it during the Accelerate cycle, as we had all the 90Nights videos, etc going on. But eventually I just ripped the DVD and put it to Horse to Water and by golly, Peter was right. It’s tremendous.

So here’s a totally illegally done, unreleased video for Horse to Water, as art directed by Peter Buck


Now I’m going to be thinking about monkeys jamming out whenever I have this song playing 0_o


Ok I did not see that coming!!! Wonderful and hilarious and Accelerate rounds out my top 5 :heart::blush::rooster:

Oh and thank you for posting it

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Cool! Maybe Peter held on tho this idea when he released his first single?

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Love it!

I can confirm Lancelot Link is the reason why Peter has a monkey in the Imitation of Life video. He mentions it during an old interview around then.


This is amazing!

As one of the official Old Folks here, I just have to say that I have truly fond memories of the original run of the Lancelot Link series! I’d forgotten all about it until I saw this. Perfect!

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This is incredible

Ha! So ridiculous!