American & Canadian friends!

We’re looking at the dump of snow and below freezing temps across the pond. It’s biblical. Stay safe, beautiful people. If that means staying off the roads, so be it. I will be so fucking happy to see the back of 2022. Wear layers. Huddle like penguins. Binge watch an entire series of something you love. Eat, drink and be merry, Have a bijou spliff if that’s your pleasure, and wonder at the pristine whiteness of it all. Skype is your friend.Just stay safe. Oh and Merry White Christmas!


We’re in one of the odd strips of the country that’s having lovely weather right now - it’s supposed to get to 50 F today - but our eldest, Melissa, and her husband are driving to his parents’ house in Michigan today. From Ann Arbor to Macomb is usually about an hour’s drive, but it may be a bit slower today! I keep reminding myself that they plow the roads there, and Melissa and Max know how to drive in it, unlike me. I hope you’re having a lovely Christmas!


We hade snow and ice in the Pacific Northwest. We had snow all last week (7.5” along the water where I am and then 11”+ farther inland). Then we got a half inch of ice on top of all that Friday. My storm door froze shut three days in a row because this part of the country isn’t built for single digit temps.

The ice turned to rain Saturday and now it’s 50°F and raining. So, that’s been fun.


Hope you’re all doing good. Great pics. :snowman: I’ve only experienced snow once, when I was kid, on a trip to Italy with my parents. We hit 105F here today, snow pics give me respite.

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Coastal NC is not accustomed to the brutal cold we’ve been experiencing lately. BTW, I know it gets much colder in other areas. I’m referring to a coastal region in the Southern U.S. where these temps are not what we normally experience. We have been fortunate not to have any power outages but that has not been the case for more than a few in my area, including the immediate area. By the end of the week temperatures will be in the mid-60’s with lower 70’s soon to follow. However, this is only the beginning of winter here. January and February tend to be the most frigid months. While snow on the coast is unusual, it is not out of the question. That said, I’m not sure what the forecasters are calling for this winter for my region.

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We got some snow in Albuquerque overnight! Um, but sorry about all the weather the rest of you have been getting.