Alternate titles

Just sort of remembered that one of the (many) alternative album titles was ‘I Wanted Mount Nothing’ (Stipe’s suggestion?) for what eventually was titled ‘Reveal’.

I sometimes wonder - if they’d actually gone with some of the more outré album titles, (not to mention band names!!!) would we have taken them, and their subsequent work, less seriously?

Or would their music have sounded more extreme or avant-garde, as a reflection of an outlandish album title? (Prob not, i do think I’m more than likely talking codswallop but it’s an interesting (at least to me) diversion, anyway :sunglasses:

I remember that Peter Buck always wanted to name one of their albums Love and Squalor. Too bad that never happened. There’s always the box set.

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Heh, i didnt know (or don’t recall) that.

I’d have gone with a more esoteric title (or a downright ridiculous one) for either ‘Accelerate’ or NAIH but that may be just me…