A new poster by a little fan

Murali Subramanian is a fan on the Facebook group. I have no idea if he’s here as well or not. Months ago (years? not sure), he posted a nice drawing his 7 yo daughter Reya did. I saved it then, and promised myself I would turn it into a poster, but I was too busy at that moment. Here it is now.


Cool image.

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I like your placement of the dots. I’ve thought… in an alternate universe, if they got back together and performed under a different name, like Ellipses and called their album “I Like the Dots*”

I don’t necessarily want them to get back together. I think they did well enough and called it. I’m enjoying their other projects.

*from an old quote by Michael, talking about “why R.E.M.?”

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Thanks, Jesse! But all merits go to Reya. She was the one who came up with the original design, as you can see below. I just turned it into a poster. Her dad loves it.

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