5 Most Underrated R.E.M. Songs

I realize that this topic had likely been covered back in the day as it’s a pretty common topic. I don’t see it here on the current version of murmurs.com, so I thought I’d start this thread.

My picks for the 5 most underrated songs in R.E.M.'s song catalogue are, in no particular order:

  1. We All Go Back To Where We Belong
  2. King Of Birds
  3. Beat A Drum
  4. Walk It Back
  5. Until The Day Is Done



I think, as fans, we tend to like deep cuts a lot more than, well, the wide audience who only knows a few songs (at best). So I guess few songs are actually underrated in circles like Murmurs of devoted fans. Every seemingly forgotten gem has its defenders.

I can only mention “Suspicion”, which is a very favorite of mine on Up (I just love its atmosphere), and I have seen it being mistreated before, and a few deep cuts on Reveal, given that the album is not as widely well-regarded as I once thought it was.


Songs that got some hate from fans over the years which I adore -
Make it All OK,
Worst Joke,


Feeling Gravitys Pull
You’re in the Air

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Sad Professor
I Wanted To Be Wrong
King Of Comedy

Feeling Gravitys Pull
Circus Envy
Around the Sun
Oh My Heart

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King of Comedy
Derided by many. I think it’s one of the best tongue in cheek, post modern moments on Monster. Sardonic in a really cool way.

It gets more respect these days but the Peter derided it as a jumbled mess back in the day and many fans pass on it as the most confused sounding song on a legendarily confused album. I think it’s beautiful and truly quite a heart breaking song.

Out of Time has a lot of mood swings but I always saw this as one of a “tragedy trilogy” on the album along with Half a World Away and Country Feedback. Doesn’t get anywhere near the respect of it’s brothers though. The dynamic shift from quiet reverie to pained howling is top REM

How the West Was Won and Where It Got Us
Get’s a fair amount of love but isn’t talked about a lot overall. I think this is a fascinating preview into what Up might have sounded like with Bill Berry. REM goes spy movie trip hop with a stunning chorus to boot

Letter Never Sent
Probably my favourite track of Reckoning after South Central Rain. Funky and whinsome at the same time, with some great early Stipe wordless hollering


Difficult to make choices since most of Accelerate, and most of Around the sun are underrated, nonetheless here’s a sample of songs:

Until The Day Is Done
Make it all OK
All the best
I believe
Sing for the submarine

Bonus track Staring down the barrel of the middle…


Hard to select only 5, but here goes…

Sing for the Submarine
Oddfellows Local 151
Old Man Kensey


Shiny Happy People!

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