25th Anniversary Series: Next up? REVEAL

With REVEAL being the next studio album in line for the 25th anniversary deluxe edition, what would you like to see included in the package options? Physical product design? What did you appreciate most about prior deluxe edition releases?

I would like to hear alternate or demos versions of songs that I don’t have already included. I have two alternate versions on the b side of the ‘Imitation of Life’ single. ‘The Lifting’ & ‘Beat a Drum’. I absolutely love both of them. I don’t know what other versions or demos from Reveal are out there. Original master recordings are nice to hear, I know they can be expensive.

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demos/outtakes would be cool. not really interested in live shows from this period.

a lot of reveal demos are floating around already and while they aren’t terribly interesting, they’d still be fun to have. seems such a waste for them not to dig through the vaults for these. some have been generous with unheard stuff and some have been disappointing. hard to tell what they’re going for half the time with these reissues. not expecting reveal deluxe to be revelatory, but ATS has a chance to be if they do it properly.


I think that the “what they’re going for with these reissues” feelings is a result of Michael’s reluctance to release demos. I’m really hoping that by the time they get to AtS he’ll come to his senses (I remembering him praising the demos for this album in comparison to the album, so there’s still a chance…)
“Come and Join Us” the leaked Reaveal instrumental demo has a version with lyrics, maybe a miracle will happen and we’ll get to hear it in 2026…


I never got into the post-Berry releases all that much although I did buy them as they were released. I still haven’t gotten around to buying the 25th anniversary edition of Up. I bet it will consist of a remastered album and demos. I’m not into demos, so I may skip this one as well.

Re Michael potentially blocking demos, it’s frustrating for sure. But as an artist myself (on a tiny speck of the scale of Michael) I know I would have to crawl in a hole and die if some of my first draft demo versions got released. Can only imagine how exposed it feels when the whole world is listening. So whilst I would love to hear these too I kinda get it in a way

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Michael always says that he looks for- and likes the - mistakes in photos that he takes. He should apply it to music and songwriting :slight_smile:
Peter, as usual, said it really well on the LMR song exploder episode, it was something along the lines of “I say to Michael - at this point it just history man. no one is going to remember you for the demos and if it makes a few fans happy so what the hell…”