1 Riff per Year from 1965 to 2022

Maybe you might enjoy this video like I did. The history of rock, one riff per year from 1965 - 2022. When he came to the 80’s, I was thinking, he better play a riff from an R.E.M. song, and he did.


That was cool. Wasn’t the R.E.M. song I expected, though it was still a fairly obvious choice.


I like this kind of video a lot. Many of the youtubers I watch have come up with those.

That being said, I like to disagree with a lot of choices too, like he has to include the Beatles and goes with “Back in the USSR”? Really, dude? “Smoke on the water” on an SG? Like, “Heroes” doesn’t even have a proper guitar riff. The bass riff is iconic, tho. And so on and so forth. The R.E.M. choice was unexpected, but masterfully played. Also, the one by The Cure is one of my favorite songs of all time. His choice for a Muse song was also pretty cool.

That’s always fun to watch. Thank you, Lori!

It would a feat to sum up the history of rock with just one riff per year I think. There was no Velvet Underground, nor the The Byrds, The Beach Boys, Black Sabbath, U2 & more. The video could have gone on forever. David Bowie’s Rebel Rebel is more memorable to me from 1974 than King Crimson’s - Red. I guess he went with what he thinks stands out in a particular year.

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