Who Wrote What - Monster

This one is a mystery to me, since it’s perhaps the most cohesive album in REM’s catalog.

What’s the Frequency Kenneth - ?
Crush With Eyeliner - ?
King of Comedy - ?
I Don’t Sleep I Dream - ?
Star 69 - ?
Strange Currencies - ?
Tongue - ?
Bang and Blame - ?
I Took Your Name - ?
Let Me In - Mills
Circus Envy - ?
You - ?

I have a faint recollection of Mills having involvement in WTFK. I assume Buck wrote Crush With Eyeliner. I also assume that either Mills or Berry were involved in the creation of Tongue.

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Kenneth was definitely Mills, as was Let Me In. Crush With Eyeliner was definitely Buck. I have a feeling I Took Your Name was Berry.

I would guess most of the rest were Buck, apart from Tongue and maybe Star 69 and King of Comedy.

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What’s the Frequency Kenneth - Mills
Crush With Eyeliner - Buck
King of Comedy - Mills
I Don’t Sleep I Dream - Mills
Star 69 - ? (probably Pete’s…)
Strange Currencies - Buck
Tongue - Mills and Berry
Bang and Blame - Buck
I Took Your Name - Berry
Let Me In - Mills
Circus Envy - Buck
You - Mills

Lots of Mills on that one… almost as much as ATS


You being a Mills song kind of surprises me! Anymore information on that?

In 95’, before they came to Israel, a famous Israeli singer named Hemi Rudner made a long interview with Michael & Mike and asked Mike specifically about the songs HE wrote for Monster


Any place we can see it?

well it was 95’ so… print only. if you’ll ever get a chance to visit Tel-Aviv there’s a huge newspaper archive near the T"A museum and I’m sure that the interview is in there. it’s in a magazine titled “Maariv” which was very successful back then but struggling to survive over the last decade…

If anyone locates this interview, it would be awesome to watch/read it!

Don’t forget that it’s all in hebrew :slightly_smiling_face: (but I’ll be able to translate…)

I’m almost positive I Took Your Name was Bill and I remember Mike talking about how he came up with the piano riff for Tongue

I am too. I have a vague recollection of a Peter Buck interview, where he was talking about getting the tremolo. I think he said straight away he wrote Crush With Eyeliner and Bill wrote I Took Your Name.

But I might be misremembering. I’m getting old!