The legendary boxset

I wish they bring back the Christmas singles
Christmas is not the same since they have stopped releasing them

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It would be kind of hard to bring back the Christmas singles since R.E.M. disbanded in 2011.

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I meant it would be nice to receive something from the fan club again, I missed it a lot.
Yes they disbanded as we all know, but still I like to think one day we could receive again something from our beloved fanclub in Athens :heart:

I miss it but don’t foresee anything like that ever happening.

I seem to remember the press release when they announced the Hibtone reissue in 2021 that there was going to be a series of 40th anniversary releases that year. We got Hibton and NAIHF reissues but that was it. I was hoping to have to apologize to my wife about how much money I spent on R.E.M. merchandise but it really ended up just being one release

There was supposed to be a 40th anniversary box set in 2020 but it was pushed back due to Covid. Stipe mentioned it in an interview at the time but there were no details beyond that. I have no idea what’s become of it or if it will ever see the light of day.

Peter’s too busy making new music :slight_smile: – That said, I would imagine that it is an intimidating process to go back through everything in the vault and make just the right choices as to what is worth releasing for a deluxe edition and what’s not. Personally, I’ve enjoyed each of the anniversary releases to the full. Just listening to the deluxe editions of MURMUR and RECKONING yesterday and today, actually.

If that process looks too intimidating for the band members, the fanclub guys and/or other collaborators, here I am raising my hand to volunteer browsing the vaults in search of material that’s unheard of and worthy of a boxset. :raising_hand_man:


I recall Mike telling that it primarily is the brilliant Kevin O’Neill from the HQ trawling through stuff for the 25 year re-releases - and I imagine it would be the same for the bulk of such a box set.

I’d love to see one, but really, really don’t belive it’ll ever happen.

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A well-done boxset would be very enjoyable for a big fan, but I can’t imagine there’s much of a market for it, absent some sort of big resurgence (e.g. Queen a few years ago).

There was this Bloomberg article a few years ago about the marketing aspect of R.E.M. where they said REMTV did better on streaming platforms than via sales of the physical product. No big surprise there but it was also an indication that a box set (in physical form) probably wouldn’t sell well. I have no idea how well the physical editions of the 25th anniversary editions have been selling.